Background :

Rehonel Construction Limited has earned its place as a leading provider of Building Construction management since its incorporation in 2008. Building their reputation early on through strategic relationships and referrals, Rehonel approached Fisi Comunications Limited to create a stronger online and trade show presence to create new demand, enable their sales team, and grow their brand.


Rehonel’s marketing team was proactive in involving their sales team in our creative strategy process. We established a collective effort to develop a web and creative experience that would enable their sales team and generate new leads, while maintaining the brand guidelines and identity that Rehonel’s¬†founding team set forth.


The newly established strategy of content driven marketing combined with interactive sales tools, provided for a winning strategy. Rehonel achieved a level of exposure unmatched and the flow of traffic from marketing materials lead to a huge jump in web traffic, resulting in net new business opportunities.

Via: Rehonel Construction Limited

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